Ehime Matsuyama Trip Part 3: Yuru-chara Event at Emifull MASAKI

エミフルMASAKI「愛媛えがおのご当地キャラ博」 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture for three days and two nights in late April. This was my sixth trip to Ehime Matsuyama and I was able to enjoy the trip as my first travel since I changed my camera and lens. In this article, I will write about Yuru-chara Event at Emifull MASAKI as part of Day 1.

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Go to Emifull MASAKI

Following the previous post, I returned to Matsuyama City station and changed trains from IYOTETSU Takahama Line to Gunchu Line.伊予鉄道 郊外電車1

伊予鉄道 郊外電車2

I got off at Koizumi station and visited Emifull MASAKI.エミフルMASAKI

I just heard that a Yuru-chara event will be held at Emifull MASAKI on the first day of my trip, so I decided to stop by there.

Emifull MASAKI often hosts Yuru-chara events and I had visited it in November 2015.

“Going to Mican’s parade: part 2”
Mican Parade1

Mican Parade2

Mican Parade3

Yuru-chara Event

When I went into the event site, I found there was lots of audience.エミフルMASAKI ゆるキャラ イベント

About 40 Yuru-chara, mainly from the Shikoku region, gathered in the event. While some Yuru-chara appeared on the stage, other Yuru-chara walked around the facility, so I will also stroll around the building. Here are some snap photos.


“Imabari Bary-san”.いまばり バリィさん1

“Emican”, which was created in collaboration with Mican and Emifull MASAKI.エミきゃん1

The right side was “Tenten”, which was born in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Emifull MASAKI.エミフルMASAKI テンテン


I returned to the main stage and was able secure a front sheet. Mican was there.Mican Yuru-chara1


I moved to more center position, as there was a vacant sheet.Mican Yuru-chara2

Mican was so cute.Mican Yuru-chara3

This female host was also so beautiful.Mican Yuru-chara4

“Local Yuru-chara PR corner” started. Mican and the female host entertained them.

Here are some snaps.徳島 蒼竜神マヴェル

徳島 へそっこくん

高知 なるま

香川 みとよん

本州四国連絡橋 わたる


Now Dark Mican appeared on the stage.Mican Dark Mican Yuru chara

Dark Mican took over MC’s role from Mican.Dark Mican Yuru chara

Other snaps.愛媛 いのとん

愛媛 おたたちゃん

愛媛 タルト人 みかん怪獣ドーゴん セイズ男爵


愛媛 えやろ

宮崎 たか鍋大使くん

愛媛 のぶしくん・いよびじんちゃん

愛媛 からりちゃん

With “Imabari Bary-san”.いまばり バリィさん2

“Imabari Bary-san” is also one of the famous Yuru-chara in Japan.いまばり バリィさん3

“Tenten” and “Runrun”, which are mascot characters of Emifull MASAKI.エミフルMASAKI テンテン ルンルン

Then, all of the Yuru-chara appeared on the stage.松大みきゃん1

The Yuru-chara event was over.松大みきゃん2


That’s it for the article about Yuru-chara Event at Emifull MASAKI as part of Day 1 of my Ehime Matsuyama trip.

Yuru-chara is a Japanese term for a category of mascot characters; usually created to promote a place or region, event, organisation or business. I hope you may have interests in Yuru-chara through my article 🙂

In the next article, I will write about evening scene at Matsuyama City Station and Okaido as part of Day 1.


1 Emiflull MASAKI

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