Travel notes of Nagasaki: HUIS TEN BOSCH (1) (Flower Road and Amsterdam City etc.)

長崎 ハウステンボス フラワーロード アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Nagasaki Prefecture for three days and two nights. The main objective was to see “Nagasaki Lantern Festival. In this article, I will write about Flower Road and Amsterdam City etc. in Huis Ten Bosch as part of day 1.

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* Day 1 (1) Huis Ten Bosch: Flower Road and Amsterdam City etc. [This article]
* Day 1 (2) Huis Ten Bosch: Tower City and Harbor Town etc.
* Day 1 (3) Huis Ten Bosch: illumination in the evening
* Day 2 (1) Peace Park, Urakami Cathedral and Atomic Bomb Museum
* Day 2 (2) Oura Cathedral, Glover Garden, Confucian Shrine, Dutch slope and Meganebashi Bridge
* Day 2 (3) Nagasaki Lantern Festival: Shinchi Chinatown and Confucian Shrine
* Day 3 (1) Dejima and Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument
* Day 3 (2) Nagasaki Lantern Festival: Central Park
* Day 3 (3) Nagasaki Lantern Festival: Shian-bashi Bridge and Tojin Yashiki Ato

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About one month after my previous trip to Dogo Onsen Hotspring, the next travel destination was Nagasaki. The main objective was to see Nagasaki Lantern Festival, which was held during Chinese New Year.  Nagasaki Lantern Festival was open mainly in the evening, so I visited other tourist spots in the daytime and spent the first day entirely on Huis Ten Bosch. Regarding the trip to Nagasaki for three days and two nights, I will write nine articles. So, let’s get started.

Going to Nagasaki by Solaseed Air

Three airlines (JAL, ANA and Solaseed Air) operate flights between Tokyo and Nagasaki. Solaseed Air operates only in Kushu area, so I used the airline this time.Solaseed Air

Solaseed Air

Huis Ten Bosch: Welcome Gate

After I arrived at Nagasaki airport, I directly went to Huis Ten Bosch by limousine bus. The photo below was the building of Welcome Gate.Huis Ten Bosch Welcome Gate

First of all, I stopped by an ice cream shop.Huis Ten Bosch ViTO

Now, I started to explore Huis Ten Bosch.Huis Ten Bosch Welcome Gate2

Huis Ten Bosch Welcome Gate Robot

Huis Ten Bosh is so large with two zones and ten areas. I will post my photos by areas.

Flower Road

As the name suggests, this area is filled with seasonal flowers (tulips). There are also wind mills and it’s something like rural landscape in Netherland.
Huis Ten Bosch Flower Road1

Huis Ten Bosch Flower Road2

Huis Ten Bosch Flower Road3

Huis Ten Bosch Flower Road4

Attraction Town

There are several amusement facilities in this area.

Near the entrance of the area.Huis Ten Bosch Attraction Town1

Huis Ten Bosch Attraction Town2

Fountain square.Huis Ten Bosch Fountain square

Heart-shaped object.Huis Ten Bosch Heart square

House of Earl ChocolatHuis Ten Bosch House of Earl Chocolat1

Huis Ten Bosch House of Earl Chocolat2

Happy balloon streetHuis Ten Bosch Happy balloon street1

Huis Ten Bosch Happy balloon street2

Huis Ten Bosch Happy balloon street3

I had Sasebo burger, a local gourmet, for lunch.Huis Ten Bosch EVER CAFE

Huis Ten Bosch Sasebo burger

Amsterdam City

After lunch, I moved to Amsterdam City.Huis Ten Bosch Amsterdam City1

As the name suggests, this area recreates streetscape of Amsterdam in Netherland.

There is also Hotel Amsterdam.Huis Ten Bosch Hotel Amsterdam

Gyaman Museum focusing on glass art from around the world is located in this tall building .Huis Ten Bosch Amsterdam City2

Huis Ten Bosch Gyaman Museum1

Huis Ten Bosch Gyaman Museum2


Shopping distrctHuis Ten Bosch Amsterdam City3

Locomotive running in Huis Ten BoschHuis Ten Bosch Locomotive1

Huis Ten Bosch Locomotive2

Then, I will move to the next area, and I will write about it in the next article.Huis Ten Bosch Amsterdam City4


That’s it for the article about Flower Road and Amsterdam City etc. in Huis Ten Bosch as part of day 1. As Huis Ten Bosh is so huge, I would recommed you develop your plans as to what to see in advance. Oherwise, you may lose your time 🙂 In addition, I would recommend you buy “web ticket” in advance so that you can avoid queue at the entrance.

In the next article, I will continue to stroll Huis Ten Bosh and visit Tower City and Habor Town etc.

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  1. 毎年、家族旅行に行っています。今年最後(主人がガンで余命2か月と宣告)の家族旅行にハウステンボスに行って来ました。
    料金は高かいし、一日半居ただけで、家族3人で6万円位使いました。ぼったくりすぎだと思います。                                     最後の旅行あまり楽しめなかったみたいで選択ミスだったのではと後悔しています。

    1. 匿名さん、コメントありがとうございます。家族旅行の件、お話しを伺う限り残念な思い出が残ってしまったようでうですね。確かにバリアフリーの点については、改善の余地がありそうですし、料金も高い印象でした。

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