Osaka Trip Part 6: Shinsekai & Tsutenkaku Tower

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I traveled to Osaka in late September. This was my first visit to Osaka except for business trips. There are several things I missed doing, so I would like to revisit Osaka in the future. In this article, I will write about Shinsekai as part of Day 2.

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Go to Shinsekai

Following the previous post, I moved from Tennoji Park to Shinsekai.Osaka Shinsekai1

On the contrary to Tennoji Park whose atmosphere was relaxing, Shinsekai had a kind of chaotic atmosphere.Osaka Shinsekai2

The area was crowded with both local people and tourists.Osaka Shinsekai3

This was “New Star”, an amusement center to play “Smart Ball”.Shinsekai New Star

Clouds were impressive.""

Janjan Yokocho

I came to “Janjan Yokocho”.""

“Janjan Yokocho” is a shopping district that is 180 meters long north and south. Here are some snap photos from “Janjan Yokocho”.

While I usually use a wide zoom lens (16-35mm), I used two prime lens (55mm and 90mm) this time.""


There was a shooting gallery.Shinsekai Janjan Yokocho1

Shinsekai Janjan Yokocho2


Shinsekai Janjan Yokocho3

Talking of Shinsekai, “Kushikatsu” was one of the most popular local foods and I saw many restaurants that severed “Kushikatsu”.""


This was a Japanese chess club.Shinsekai Japanese chess club

“Janjan Yokocho” was a deeper area.""

Kushikatsu (@Yamatoya)

Now I will have an early dinner. I had decided to eat “Kushikatsu” when in Shinsekai and picked up several “Kushikatsu” restaurants in advance. However, I found there were long queuing at each famous “Kushikatsu” restaurant.

Then, I managed to find a restaurant “Yamatoya”.Shinsekai Yamatoya1

In the restaurant. It’s a Japanese-style pub.Shinsekai Yamatoya2

Assortment of “Kushikatsu”.Shinsekai Kushikatsu

Shinsekai Snaps

I will continue to walk around Shinsekai after dinner.

One of the well-known photo spots in Shinsekai was here – “Fugu” lantern with the background of Tsutenkaku Tower.Shinsekai Fugu1

I just happened to see a street musician singing songs.Shinsekai Fugu2

There was also a luxurious bathing house “Spa World” in Shinsekai.""

View from “Spa World” toward Tsutenkaku Tower.""

Shinsekai Tsutenkaku Tower1

I will move to Tsutenkaku Tower.Shinsekai Tsutenkaku Tower2

Shinsekai Tsutenkaku Tower3

The main street to Tsutenkaku Tower was surrounded by a variety of shops and restaurants.Shinsekai Tsutenkaku Tower4

I reached Tsutenkaku Tower.Shinsekai Tsutenkaku Tower5

Cafe Doremi

I stopped by “Cafe Doremi” before going to Tsutenkaku Tower.""

In the cafe. It’s a retro cafe.Shinsekai Doremi1

I ordered mixed juice and fruit parfait.Shinsekai Doremi2

When I had Kushikatsu at Yamatoya, a couple sat beside me. Coincidentally, I saw them in the cafe again, so we looked at each other 🙂

Tsutenkaku Tower

I will go to the observatory of Tsutenkaku Tower.""

There was an event space and a performance was held on the stage.""

After I bought a ticket, I realized I made a miscalculation. I didn’t expect queuing so much, but it would take about 50 minutes to reach the observatory.

So I queued up to go to the observatory. Here are some photos on the way to the observatory.""


通天閣 キン肉マン

Finally, I got into an elevator to move to the observatory.""

In addition to the normal observatory, there was a special outdoors observation platform “Tembo Paradise”.Tsutenkaku Tower observatory1

I originally planed to start to take photos before sunset, but the sun has already gone down.""

Here are some photos from “Tembo Paradise”.Tsutenkaku Tower observatory2



Tsutenkaku Tower observatory3


Unfortunately, I was not able to take sunset photos, but I was satisfied with photos in Tsutenkaku Tower observatory as a whole.""


Then, I will continue to take evening photos in Shinsekai and Abeno Harukas.


That’s it for the article about Shinsekai as part of Day 2.

The areas I have gone around (Umeda, Nakanoshima and Tennoji) so far were relatively modern and sophisticated among Osaka, which were similar to Tokyo in a sense. On the other hand, Shinsekai had retro and deep atmosphere with common touch. Perhaps, this is what travelers would look for in Osaka. So I believe Shinsekai would be a place worth visiting in Osaka 🙂

In the next article, I will write about evening scene in Shinsekai and Abeno Harukas as part of Day 2.


1 Janjan Yokocho
2 Yamatoya
3 Zuboraya
4 Cafe Doremi
5 Tsutenkaku Tower

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