Osaka Trip Part 15: Evening Scene around JR Osaka Station

JR大阪駅 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Osaka in late September. This was my first visit to Osaka except for business trips. There are several things I missed doing, so I would like to revisit Osaka in the future. In this article, I will write about evening scene around JR Osaka station as part of Day 4.

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Grand Front Osaka

On the final night of my Osaka trip, I will go around JR Osaka station.

To begin with, I will visit “Grand Front Osaka”, a commercial complex located in the north of Osaka station.Grand Front Osaka1

There was a connecting bridge to “Grand Front Osaka”Grand Front Osaka2

“Grand Front Osaka” was opened in 2013 as part of redevelopment in the north area of Osaka station and Umeda station.Grand Front Osaka3

There was a rooftop garden on the 9th floor of the south building, so I dropped by it.Grand Front Osaka rooftop garden1

The north area of JR Osaka station is said to be “the last prime location in Osaka” and the redevelopment has been on going.Grand Front Osaka rooftop garden2

Around JR Osaka Station North Exit

I left “Grand Front Osaka” and walk around Osaka station north exit.Yodobashi Umeda1

“Yodobashi Umeda”, a major electrical appliance store operator.Yodobashi Umeda2

You can see a red ferris wheel over there.Osaka station city north gate building1

Osaka station city north gate building2

JR Osaka Station

I returned to JR Osaka station.JR Osaka station1

I will take photos of “North Gate Building”, one of the two buildings in Osaka station.JR Osaka station2

Since it was in the weekday evening, there were lots of business persons.JR Osaka station3

Then, I will walk around “Osaka Station City” in Osaka station.JR Osaka station4

Toki-no-hiroba Plaza

First, I stopped by “Toki-no-hiroba Plaza” on the 5th floor, which I visited on the first day of the trip (see the related article).Osaka station Toki-no-hiroba Plaza1

“Toki-no-hiroba Plaza” was lighted up in evening, so I had a different impression compared with the daytime. Here are some snap photos.Osaka station Toki-no-hiroba Plaza2

Osaka station Toki-no-hiroba Plaza3

Osaka station Toki-no-hiroba Plaza4

Osaka station Toki-no-hiroba Plaza5

Osaka station Toki-no-hiroba Plaza6

Osaka station Toki-no-hiroba Plaza7

Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza

I moved to the 11th floor to visit “Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza”.Osaka station Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza1

“Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza” was an outside square and visitors were able to enjoy evening views.Osaka station Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza2

Osaka station Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza3

Osaka station Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza4

There was also a movie theater.Osaka station city theater

Other Snaps

I will go downstairs.Osaka station city1

I stopped by “Toki-no-hiroba Plaza” on the 5th floor again and took several photos of the platform.Osaka station platform1

Osaka station platform2

Osaka station platform3

I took photos of the clock in “Toki-no-hiroba Plaza” again.Osaka station city2

Osaka station city3

View from a connecting bridge on the 3rd floor.Osaka station platform4

Osaka station platform5

Finally, I took photos of “Atrium Plaza” on the second floor in North Gate Building.Osaka station city4

One more shot.Osaka station city5

Then, I returned to the hotel and the fourth day of my Osaka trip was over.


That’s it for the article about evening scene around JR Osaka station as part of Day 4.

While “Minami” area (Dotonbori and Shinsekai) has a kind of deep atmosphere in Osaka, “Kita” area (Umeda and Osaka station) is more sophisticated, and I found its contrast very interesting. As I mentioned in this article, the north area of JR Osaka station and Umeda station has been redeveloped, so I think the area will continue to change in the coming years 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Kaiyukan as part of Day 5.


1 Grand Front Osaka
2 Yodobashi Umeda

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