Osaka Trip Part 8: Go to Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine with Hankai Tramway

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I traveled to Osaka in late September. This was my first visit to Osaka except for business trips. There are several things I missed doing, so I would like to revisit Osaka in the future. In this article, I will write about Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine as part of Day 3.

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Breakfast at Hotel Granvia Osaka

It was the third day of my Osaka trip. To start with, I will have breakfast at Hotel Granvia Osaka where I stayed.

As I mentioned in the past article, the hotel provided 100 kinds of Japanese and Western buffet menu, so I was not tired of breakfast even if I stayed there for consecutive days.

Here are what I had today.Hotel Granvia Osaka Breakfast1

Hotel Granvia Osaka Breakfast2

Go to Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine with Hankai Tramway

On the third day in the morning, I will visit Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine. I left the hotel and took photos around Osaka station.""


Then, I moved to Tennoji and took Hankai Tramway.Hankai Tram Tennoji

The tram was filled with local feelings.""

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

It took about 20 minutes and I reached Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Torii

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is the head shrine for Japan’s approximately 2,300 Sumiyoshi shrines. The shrine welcomes more than 2 million people for Hatsumode, the traditional first shrine visit of the year.

There was “Sorihashi Bridge” just near the entrance of the shrine.""

“Sorihashi Bridge” often appears in guidebooks etc.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Sorihashi Bridge1

I also took a photo with vertical angle.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Sorihashi Bridge2

From the opposite side.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Sorihashi Bridge3

I crossed “Sorihashi Bridge” and headed for its main buildings.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Sorihashi Bridge4

View from the bridge.""

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, which was built around 200, has a long history, so I felt historical charms everywhere.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine


I moved to the main shrine area.""

There were four main sanctuaries in Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine and all of them were designated as national treasures. Here are some photos from the main shrine area.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine main sanctuary1


Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine main sanctuary2

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine main sanctuary3

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine main sanctuary4

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine main sanctuary5

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine main sanctuary6

Then, I crossed “Sorihashi Bridge” andSumiyoshi Taisha Shrine main sanctuary5

I left Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine.""

Hankai Tramway Snaps

There was a tram station in front of Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, so I took several tram photos.

Here are some snaps.Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Hankai Tram1

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Hankai Tram2

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Hankai Tram3

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Hankai Tram4

Hankai Tram

Then, I went to Sumiyoshi Taisha station of Nankai line and moved to the next destination, “Namba”.""


That’s it for the article about Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine as part of Day 3.

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is a little bit far from the central area of Osaka (especially “Kita” area around Umeda), but when I saw pictures of “Sorihashi Bridge”, I decided to visit Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine as the bridge was attractive. In addition, Hankai Tramway’s trams were so cute and in front of Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine was a good location to take tram photos. If you have a chance to visit Osaka, why don’t you consider going to Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine with Hankai Tramway trams 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Namba as part of Day 3.


1 Hotel Granvia Osaka
2 Tennoji-Ekimae Station
3 Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

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