Osaka Trip Part 1: Osaka Station City

大阪 時空の広場 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Osaka in late September. This was my first visit to Osaka except for business trips. There are several things I missed doing, so I would like to revisit Osaka in the future. In this article, I will write about Osaka Station City etc. as part of Day 1.

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It has been a while since I posted the previous article about my Singapore trip, and I will start a new series. I visited Osaka in late September.

I have been to Osaka several times on business, but I have never been there for sightseeing purposes. In the meantime, I just checked travel costs and found both air tickets and accommodations were less expensive than I expected. So, I decided to travel to Osaka.

By the way, talking of Osaka, Typhoon Jebi (Typhoon Number 21) hit Osaka in early September. During my Osaka trip, I saw several aftermath.

Fly to Itami Airport with ANA 013

Anyway, I will start my Osaka trip. I moved from Haneda Airport to Itami Airport with ANA 013.ANA Haneda Airport

The flight time between Tokyo and Osaka was just one hour.ANA porthole

I arrived at Itami Airport. As you can see, the weather was unfortunately bad.""

I just happened to see a JAL’s specially decorated plane (“SAMURAI BLUE supporting jet”).JAL SAMURAI BLUE

Move to Umeda by Monorail

I will move from Itami Airport to Umeda.

There are several routs between Itami and Umeda and I chose to ride a monorail.Osaka monorail

I transferred to Osaka Metro Midosuji line at Senri Chuo station.Osaka Metro Midosuji line

After I reached Umeda station, I moved to the adjacent JR Osaka station and stopped by Hotel Granvia Osaka where I will stay to check some of my luggage.Hotel Granvia Osaka

Osaka Station City

In JR Osaka station, there was a large commercial facility called “Osaka Station City”, which was consisted of “North Gate Building” and “South Gate Building” (- Hotel Granvia Osaka was part of it). I will start my Osaka trip from “Osaka Station City”.

A connecting bridge on the 3rd floor.Osaka Station City connecting bridge1

Osaka Station City connecting bridge2

Visitors were able to enjoy bird’s-eye views of the platform.Osaka Station City connecting bridge3

Osaka Station City connecting bridge4

This is “Toki-no-hiroba Plaza” on the 5h floor.Osaka Station City Toki-no-hiroba Plaza1

“Toki-no-hiroba Plaza” was a landmark at “Osaka Station City” and often appears in guidebooks.Osaka Station City Toki-no-hiroba Plaza2

It was so cool, wasn’t it?Osaka Station City Toki-no-hiroba Plaza3

Just like the connecting bridge on the 3rd floor, bird’s-eye views of the platform from “Toki-no-hiroba Plaza” were fantastic.Osaka Station City Toki-no-hiroba Plaza4

Osaka Station City Toki-no-hiroba Plaza5

I moved up and reached “Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza” on the 11th floor of North Gate Building.Osaka Station City Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza1

As you can see, it was an outdoor plaza, so I felt comfortable.Osaka Station City Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza2

When I arrived at Osaka, the weather was not good, but now it turned to become sunny.Osaka Station City Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza2

A large building on the right was “Grand Front Osaka”.Osaka Station City Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza3

This was “Umeda Sky Building”.Osaka Station City Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza4

I climbed up further and came to “Tenku-no-noen Farm” on the 14th floor.Osaka Station City Tenku-no-noen Farm1

There was a real field, though it was small.Osaka Station City Tenku-no-noen Farm2

Osaka Station City Tenku-no-noen Farm3

There was a shopping mall called “LUCUA osaka” and “Umeda Tsutaya Books” was located in it.Umeda Tsutaya Books1

There was also Starbucks inside the bookstore.Umeda Tsutaya Books2

Umeda Tsutaya Books3

This is “Atrium Plaza” on the second floor in North Gate Building.Osaka Station City Atrium Plaza1

“Atrium Plaza” was connected to “Grand Front Osaka”.Osaka Station City Atrium Plaza2

Osaka Station City Atrium Plaza3

A beach volleyball match was held in front of “Grand Front Osaka”.Umekita Plaza

Contrary to the weather forecast, it became sunny. So, I changed my plan and decided to go to “Umeda Sky Building”.""

Umeda Sky Building

I arrived at “Umeda Sky Building”.Umeda Sky Building1

“Umeda Sky Building” is a commercial complex with the height of 173 meters.Umeda Sky Building2

“Umeda Sky Building” is globally well known for its unique design and was chosen as one of the “TOP 20 BUILDINGS AROUND THE WORLD” by Dorling Kindersley, a British publishing company.Umeda Sky Building3

The highlight is “Kuchu Teien Observatory” connecting the two towers of the Umeda Sky Building and I planed to visit it in the 4th day evening.Umeda Sky Building4

I decided to visit “Kuchu Teien Observatory” in the day time as well and moved to the entrance. However, I found the observatory had been closed since early September (for 3 weeks) when Typhoon Jebi (Typhoon Number 21) hit Osaka.

By the way, this is “Wall of Hope” which was designed by the famous minimalist architect Tadao Ando.Umeda Sky Building Wall of Hope

Okonomiyaki Lunch

I will have lunch.

Okonomiyaki is one of the most popular local foods in Osaka and I visited “Omoni @Grand Front Osaka” to have Okonomiyaki lunch.Osaka Okonomiyaki1

Here is Okonomiyaki.Osaka Okonomiyaki2

“Omoni” is one of the famous Okonomiyaki resutaurants in Osaka, so there was a long queue.Osaka Okonomiyaki3

Other Snaps around Umeda

After lunch, I will go around Umeda area.Grand Front Osaka

Around “Yodobashi Umeda”, a major electrical appliance store operator.Yodobashi Umeda1

Yodobashi Umeda2

Yodobashi Umeda3

Around Hankyu department store.Hankyu department store

Then, I will go around Nakanoshima area.


That’s it for the article about Osaka Station City etc. as part of Day 1.

As I mentioned, I have been to Osaka several times on business, but I have never been there for sightseeing purposes, so this was practically my first trip to Osaka. Osaka is roughly divided into two areas, Kita (around Umeda) and Minami (around Namba) and I started my Osaka trip from Kita area 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Nakanoshima as part of Day 1.


1 Osaka Station City
2 Umeda Sky Building
3 Grand Front Osaka

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