Osaka Trip Part 10: America-mura (American Village) etc.

アメリカ村 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Osaka in late September. This was my first visit to Osaka except for business trips. There are several things I missed doing, so I would like to revisit Osaka in the future. In this article, I will write about America-mura (American Village) etc. as part of Day 3.

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America-mura (American Village)

Following the previous post, I moved north from Dotonbori to Shinsaibashi.Osaka Shinsaibashi

I will go around “America-mura (American Village)”, which is located in the west of Shinsaibashi area.

I started strolling from “BIGSTEP”, a commercial complex and one of the landmarks in “America-mura (American Village)”.America-mura (American Village) BIGSTEP1

Halloween would be celebrated next month, so a pumpkin object was displayed.America-mura (American Village) BIGSTEP2

There was also an art work. “PEACE ON EARTH”, near the complex.America-mura (American Village) PEACE ON EARTH1

I was surprised to know that “PEACE ON EARTH” was created in 1983, as I felt its design was new even now.America-mura (American Village) PEACE ON EARTH2

I will walk around “America-mura (American Village)”.Osaka America-mura (American Village)1

As the name suggests, there were a lot of American fashion shops in “America-mura (American Village)”.Osaka America-mura (American Village)2

This is “Sankaku Koen (Triangle Park)” where a variety of events and performances are often held.America-mura (American Village) Sankaku Koen (Triangle Park)

In “America-mura (American Village)”, there were also many suites shops. For example. “World 2nd Best Ice Melon Bread”.World 2nd Best Ice Melon Bread1

I bought its signature ice melon bread.World 2nd Best Ice Melon Bread2

Adjacent to “World 2nd Best Ice Melon Bread”, there was “Shiroichi”.America-mura (American Village) Shiroichi1

I had iced cafe with soft cream.America-mura (American Village) Shiroichi2

I returned to “BIGSTEP” and walked in the complex.""

“Kinnikuman (Muscle Man)” is a popular Japanese anime cartoon.America-mura (American Village) Kinnikuman (Muscle Man)

There was a wall art in the basement.America-mura (American Village) wall art

From the basement to the 1st floor.""

Then, I left America-mura (American Village).America-mura (American Village) BIGSTEP3

Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

I will go back to Dotonbori/Namba area via Shinsaibashi Shopping Street.Shinsaibashi Shopping Street1

Here are some snap photos of Shinsaibashi Shopping Street.Shinsaibashi Shopping Street2

Shinsaibashi Shopping Street3

Shinsaibashi Shopping Street4

At the intersection of Shinsaibashi subway station.Shinsaibashi intersection1

You can see how crowded the area is.Shinsaibashi intersection2

Shinsaibashi intersection3

Shinsaibashi intersection4

Back to Namba

I returned to Dotonbori.Dotonbori

Then, I will visit several spots around Namba area.

Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)

First, Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market).Osaka Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)1

Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market) consists of about 180 shops.Osaka Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)2

There are a variety of shops, including fruit and vegetable shops, fresh fish shops, and grocers.Osaka Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)3

As with Namba and Dotonbori area, I saw lots of foreign tourists as well as Japanese tourists.Osaka Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)4

Here are some snaps from Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market).Osaka Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)5

Osaka Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)6

Osaka Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)7

Kitchenware Street

I also stopped by Kitchenware Street.Osaka Kitchenware Street1

As the name suggests, Kitchenware Street has lots of shops that specialize in selling kitchenware.Osaka Kitchenware Street2

“Maneki-neko (beckoning cat)”.Osaka Kitchenware Street Cat

Namba Grand Kagetsu

There was “Namba Grand Kagetsu”, a famous comedy theater, near Kitchenware Street.Namba Grand Kagetsu1

Namba Grand Kagetsu2

He showed me his spirit of good service.Namba Grand Kagetsu3

Then, I will continue to go around Namba and Dotonbori area in the evening.Namba Don Quijote


That’s it for the article about America-mura (American Village) etc. as part of Day 3.

America-mura (American Village) is considered Osaka’s counterpart to Harajuku in Tokyo as the forefront of fashion and cultural trends for young people. In this context, Ximending in Taipei, Taiwan, has similar atmosphere. If you are interested in it, please see the past article.

“Taipei Trip Part 12: 228 Peace Memorial Park, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Longshan Temple and Ximending”

In the next article, I will write about evening scene at Namba and Dotonbori as part of Day 3.


2 World 2nd Best Ice Melon Bread
3 Shiroichi
4 Shinsaibashi Shopping Street
5 Kuromon Ichiba (Kuromon Market)
6 Kitchenware Street
7 Namba Grand Kagetsu

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