Taipei Trip Part 4: Walking around Jingtong Station on Pingxi Line

台湾 平渓線 菁桐 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Taiwan for four days and three nights. This time, I visited Taipei and its surrounding areas. In this article, I will write about walking around Jingtong station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.

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It was the second day morning of my Taipei trip. To begin with, I will have a breakfast at CAESAR PARK TAIPEI where I stayed for the trip.

There were several restaurants in the hotel and “Checkers” served breakfast.CAESAR PARK TAIPEI Checkers

The restaurant provided a buffet style for breakfast and there were a variety of food more than I expected.CAESAR PARK TAIPEI breakfast1





Here is my breakfast on that day.CAESAR PARK TAIPEI breakfast6

The restaurant was open from 6 a.m., which was convenient for me as I would like to start my trip as early as possible.

Schedule of the Second Day

On the second day, I planed to make an short trip as follows: “Taipei – Ruifang – Jingtong – Shifen – Houtong – Ruifang – Jiufen – Taipei”. To be more exact, I will move from Taipei station to Ruifang station by Eastern Line and then transfer to Pingxi Line that bounds for Jingtong station, the last stop of Pingxi Line. After I walk around Jingtong, I will take a return train and stop over Shifen and Houtong. Then, I will go back to Ruifang station and take a bus to Jiufen. I will stroll around Jiufen and return to Taipei.

Moving from Taipei Station to Ruifang Station

So, I will go to Taipei station first.Taipei station1

A locomotive was exhibited on the east side of Taipei station.Taipei station locomotive

In Taipei station.Taipei station2

As I heard one day ticket for Pingxi Line is available at Taipei station, I bought it here.

I will board a train bound for Ruifang.TRA (Taiwan Railway Administration) Eastern Line

In the train.台灣鐵路(台湾鉄道) 區間車

This is the one day ticket for Pingxi Line, which I bought at Taipei station.Pingxi Line one day ticket

It took about an hour and I arrived at Ruifang station.Taiwan Ruifang station1

Going to Jingtong by Pingxi Line

I moved to another platform to transfer to Pingxi Line.""

Since I had some free time before the next train, I will stroll around Ruifang station.Taiwan Ruifang station2

Here are some snap photos around Ruifang station.Taiwan Ruifang station3

Taiwan Ruifang station4

Taiwan Ruifang station5

I returned to the platform.""

The train has arrived.""

In the train.Taiwan Pingxi Line1

Pingxi Line is a local train filled with relaxing atmosphere.Taiwan Pingxi Line2

Walking around Jingtong Station

After passing through Houtong and Shifen which I will stop over later, I arrived at Jingtong station, the last stop of Pingxi Line.Pingxi Line Jingtong1

Since there was some time before the train left, I took some train photos.""

Pingxi Line Jingtong2

Pingxi Line Jingtong3

At Jingtong, it was OK to step into tracks.Pingxi Line Jingtong4

Pingxi Line Jingtong5

Pingxi Line Jingtong6

As I had free time for one hour before the next train comes, I walked around Jingtong station.

To begin with, Jingtong station building.Pingxi Line Jingtong station1

Shopping street in front of the station.Pingxi Line Jingtong station2

There was a small railway museum.Pingxi Line Jingtong railway museum1

Pingxi Line Jingtong railway museum2

Here are bamboo wishes.Pingxi Line Jingtong bamboo wishes1

It is said dreams come true if you write down your dream on the bamboo and hang it.Pingxi Line Jingtong bamboo wishes2

Pingxi Line Jingtong bamboo wishes3

Jingtong Old Street.Pingxi Line Jingtong old street1

Pingxi Line Jingtong old street2

A lot of tourists took photos around Jingtong station.Pingxi Line Jingtong7

Pingxi Line Jingtong8

At the platform.""


I found there were few Japanese tourists while there were many Chinese and Korean travelers.""


I liked this retro signage.""

Now the return train has arrived.Pingxi Line Jingtong9

Here are some train photos.Pingxi Line Jingtong10

Pingxi Line Jingtong11

Pingxi Line Jingtong12

Then, I got into the train to move to the next destination, Shifen.Pingxi Line Jingtong13


That’s it for the article about walking around Jingtong station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.

Jingtong is not so popular for Japanese tourists compared with other spots along Pingxi Line such as Houtong and Shifen. However, it is easy to take train photos here as Jingtong is the last stop. In addition, visitors are able to step into tracks as long as trains are away. So, if you have a chance to ride Pingxi Line, I would recommend you visit Jingtong station.

In the next article, I will write about walking around Shifen station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for being so detailed in this post 🙂 I’m leaving for Taiwan next week and planning my day to Shifen + Jiufen + Houtong, and your post has been so helpful!! Plus you have lovely photos 🙂

  2. hi there
    there is wrong info at this Taipei Trip Part 4.

    You have mentioned that “Since I had some free time before the next train, I will stroll around Jingtong station.” and “Here are some snap photos around Jingtong station.”
    (It should be Ruifan station)

    Thank you


    1. Hi ka wo, thank you for your comment. Yes, you are correct. I am afraid I posted wrong information. As you pointed out, I amended as follows; “Since I had some free time before the next train, I will stroll around Ruifan station” and “Here are some snap photos around Ruifan station”. I appreciate your feedback.

      Kind regards,


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