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About this blog

Welcome to my blog! May name is Fumi, a Japanese male.

I love traveling and taking photos, so I set up this site as a travel photo blog in February 2015. As I am not a serious photographer, please be tolerant of my photo quality. My aim is to provide a casual photo blog 🙂

Regarding my travel destinations, since I have rediscovered goodness in Japan through my experience of living abroad, I will mainly travel across Japan to look for Japanese traditional cultures and beautiful scenery (though I sometimes travel overseas). In this regard, I will make my blog design as much simple as possible to reflect Zen spirit.

Anyway, I would like you to read my blog just like you flip through magazines. I hope you will find favorite places you would like to visit through my blog. This is what I would like to achieve in my blog.

About Me

I am based in Tokyo and have been working for a foreign company as a Japanese CPA. Thanks to desirable work environment, I can get my work-life balance right, so I often go traveling and go to gym about four times a week (- my BMI is blow 20 and body fat percentage is below 10%). I’m apt to heat up and cool down and now I’m interested in (1) traveling, (2) photography and (3) workout at gym.

kosu画像640Just tell you, my profile icon is “Fukuishi-neko” (Lucky stone cat), which is placed along Neko-no-hosomichi (Cat Trail) in Onomichi.

I bought SONY’s NEX-C3 as my first interchangeable-lens camera in June 2011. The TV commercial for the product, which was shot in Onomichi, led me to buy it, since I was fascinated by the nostalgic scenery in Onomichi and the camera features. The TV commercial served as a trigger for me to have interest in photography and I finally had a chance to visit Onomichi in May 2014. For this background, I use“Fukuishi-neko” as my profile icon. Regarding my camera, I have been using SONY’s camera since then. I usedα7 II (see the related article) from March 2016 to March 2018. Now I have been using α7 III (see the related article) since April 2018.

Please feel free to contact me via “Inquiry” form for any questions about my blog.

My latest favorite: Mican, a local mascot character (Yuru-chara) in Ehime Prefecture

I have loved Mican, a local mascot character (Yuru-chara) in Ehime Prefecture, since I traveled to Matsuyama city in Ehime Prefecture. In November 2015, I went to Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2015 at Hamamatsu to cheer for Mican (- Mican got the second place) and also went to Matsuyama next week to see Mican’s parade.

I am totally a stranger to Ehime Prefecture, but I have been personally pushing for Mican. So, I hope you may have some interest in Mican through my blog 🙂





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  1. 神奈川県民ですが、ヨルダンに滞在中。座間市のひまわりまつりを4traで拝見しblog訪問しました。身近な良いところを再発見させていただきありがとうございました。

    1. majoさん、はじめまして、コメントありがとうございます!何とヨルダンにいらっしゃるんですね。確か映画「インディージョーンズ」の舞台になったと聞いたことがあります。座間のひまわり祭りですが、中々良かったです。もし行く機会があれば、オススメします!

  2. Hello! I am from Singapore. your photos taken in Singapore are so beautiful. I didn’t notice these places, even though I am living in Singapore. Thank you so much for this new perspective!

    1. Hi Eliz, thank you for your comment. I used to live in Singapore before and sometimes miss the days in Singapore, so I envy you since you are living in Singapore 🙂

  3. 素敵な写真ブログですね~




    1. アリスさんへ


  4. こんにちは。ブルネイを検索していてこちらのブログにヒットしました。2言語対応のブログってめずらしいと思ったのですが、こちらのブログはどちらのプロバイダを使われているのでしょうか

    1. 匿名さん、こんにちわ。コメントありがとうございます。ブログはWordpressで書いています。軽い気持ちで始めた日英の二言語対応は時間が倍近くかかりますが(苦笑)、海外からもコメントや問い合わせがたまにくるので継続しています!

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