Ehime Matsuyama Trip Part 2: Glorious Sea View along IYOTETSU Takahama Line

三津浜・梅津寺・高浜 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture for three days and two nights in late April. This was my sixth trip to Ehime Matsuyama and I was able to enjoy the trip as my first travel since I changed my camera and lens. In this article, I will write about Mitsuhama, Baishinji and Takahama along IYOTETSU Takahama Line as part of Day 1.

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IYOTETSU Takahama Line (高浜線)

When I traveled to Ehime Matsuyama, I usually went around the central area of Matsuyama city such as Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Onsen Hot Spring. This time, I will extend my visit to other areas. To be more precise, I will take IYOTETSU Takahama Line and get on and off trains at the following stations: Mitsu (三津), Baishinji (梅津寺) and Takahama (高浜).""

As I mentioned in the previous article, “ALL IYOTETSU 1-3Day Pass” allows tourists to get on and off IYOTETSU railways freely.

Mitsuhama (三津浜)

To begin with, I took Takahama Line from Matsuyama City station and got off at Mitsu (三津) station.IYOTETSU Mitsu station

The current building of Mitsu station was built in 2009, but the station was originally opened in 1888 when IYOTETSU Railways started its operation between Matsuyama City station and Mitsu station.

Mitsuhama (三津浜) area flourished from Edo period due to its fishery industry, and it still remains the same atmosphere.Ehime Mitsuhama1

Ehime Mitsuhama2

Ehime Mitsuhama3

Ehime Mitsuhama4

Mitsuhama is also famous for “Mitsuhamayaki” as its local food and I entered into “Hinode (日の出)” for lunch.Mitsuhamayaki Hinode1

“Mitsuhamayaki” is a kind of Okonomiyaki. Wheat flour is formed into crêpes flavored with fish powder, which are used to sandwich cabbage, chikuwa, meat, fish, egg, noodles and other ingredients

Visitors are able to see how “Mitsuhamayaki” is made.Mitsuhamayaki Hinode2

Here is “Mitsuhamayaki”.Mitsuhamayaki Hinode3

After lunch, I will walk around Mitsuhama area.Ehime Mitsuhama5

The area had remains of old houses along the street.Ehime Mitsuhama6

Ehime Mitsuhama7

Ehime Mitsuhama8

This was around Mitsuhama port.Ehime Mitsuhama port1

Ehime Mitsuhama port2

Ehime Mitsuhama port3

Mitsu ferry was operating in the area.Mitsu ferry1

Mitsu ferry2

I took the ferry.Mitsu ferry3

The ferry was operated by Matsuyama city and it was free.Mitsu ferry4

Then, I will move to the next destination.伊予鉄道 港山駅

Baishinji (梅津寺)

I arrived at Baishinji (梅津寺) station.IYOTETSU Baishinji station1

Baishinji (梅津寺) is a filming location of “Tokyo Love Story”.梅津寺 東京ラブストーリー

“Tokyo Love Story” was a huge hit drama which aired on TV in 1991. I saw both Japanese tourists and foreign tourists here.

You can see Seto Inland Sea from the platform.Ehime Baishinji1

Ehime Baishinji2

I went out of the gate.IYOTETSU Baishinji station2

Snap photos including people.Ehime Baishinji3

Ehime Baishinji4

Ehime Baishinji5

A train bound for Matsuyama City station just arrived.IYOTETSU Baishinji station3

It may be a featureless scenery, but I like this atmosphere.IYOTETSU Baishinji station4

Trains was operating every 15 minutes and I planed to move to the next destination soon, but I changed my mind and determined to stay longer here to take more photos.IYOTETSU Baishinji station5

Here are other snaps at Baishinji (梅津寺) station.IYOTETSU Baishinji station6

IYOTETSU Baishinji station6

IYOTETSU Baishinji station7

IYOTETSU Baishinji station8

IYOTETSU Baishinji station9

Now I will move to the next destination.IYOTETSU Baishinji station10

Takahama (高浜)

I reached Takahama (高浜) station, the last stop of IYOTETSU Takahama Line (高浜線).IYOTETSU Takahama station1

Takahama (高浜) station was opened in 1892 and it has a retro atmosphere.高浜 真夏の方程式1

Takahama (高浜) station was a filing location of “Midsummer’s Equation (真夏の方程式)”, a 2013 Japanese police procedural movie starring Masaharu Fukuyama.高浜 真夏の方程式2

I will go out the station.IYOTETSU Takahama station2

There was a port near the station.Ehime Takahama1

Two ocean ship companies were operating.Ehime Takahama2

It was a locally based port.Ehime Takahama3

I saw off ships.Ehime Takahama4

Other snaps.Ehime Takahama5

Ehime Takahama6

Now I will go back to the station.IYOTETSU Takahama station3

A return train has arrived.IYOTETSU Takahama station4

Then, I will return to Matsuyama City station and change to Gunchu Line (郡中線) for the next destination.IYOTETSU Takahama station5


That’s it for the article about Mitsuhama, Baishinji and Takahama along IYOTETSU Takahama Line as part of Day 1 of my Ehime Matsuyama trip.

IYOTETSU Takahama Line runs along near Seto Inland Sea, so visitors are able to enjoy beautiful scenery. Taking of stations in Ehime prefecture, from which visitors can see beautiful sea, “Shimonada Station” is very famous.

“Shimonada Station: a local train station famous as movie location”




On the other hand, however, these places I visited in this article may be relatively less popular even for Japanese tourists, but if you are interested in photogenic areas, I would recommend them 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Emifull Masaki as part of Day 1.


1 Mitsu Station
2 Hinode
3 Mitsu Ferry
4 Baishinji Station
5 Takahama Station

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