Ehime Matsuyama Trip Part 9: Dogo ONSENART 2018

道後オンセナート アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture for three days and two nights in late April. This was my sixth trip to Ehime Matsuyama and I was able to enjoy the trip as my first travel since I changed my camera and lens. In this article, I will write about Dogo ONSENART 2018 as part of Day 3.

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Following the previous post, I will continue to watch art works of “Dogo ONSENART”.

What is “Dogo ONSENART (道後オンセナート)”?

First of all, I will briefly introduce “Dogo ONSENART (道後オンセナート)”.Dogo ONSENART

“Dogo ONSENART (道後オンセナート)” is an art festival at Dogo Onsen. It was held in 2014 as “Dogo ONSENART 2014” for the first time, followed by “Dogo Art 2015” and “Dogo Art 2016”. This time, “Dogo ONSENART 2018” has been held as the 4th event.

In “Dogo Art 2015”, Mika Ninagawa was appointed as the main artist. The event was held as “Mika Ninagawa × Dogo Onsen DOGO ART 2015” and I had visited it before.

“Dogo Hot Spring main building filled with colorful art works”
Mika Ninagawa Dogo Onsen1

“Illuminated Dogo Hot Spring main building in “Mika Ninagawa × Dogo Onsen DOGO ART 2015””
Mika Ninagawa Dogo Onsen2

““Mika Ninagawa × Dogo Onsen DOGO ART 2015” art works hopping”
Mika Ninagawa Dogo Onsen3

I am going to watch some of art works.

Mika Ninagawa Original Lamp Shade (@Yamatoya-Honten)

First, I came to “Yamatoya-Honten (大和屋本店)”.""

At the lobby of “Yamatoya-Honten (大和屋本店)”, Mika Ninagawa’s original lamp shade has been continuously displayed since “Mika Ninagawa × Dogo Onsen DOGO ART 2015”.Dogo Art Yamatoya-Honten1

Dogo Art Yamatoya-Honten2

Dogo Art Yamatoya-Honten3

Dogo Art Yamatoya-Honten4

As the lamp shade is set at the hotel lobby, visitors are able to watch it for free.

Ren-ai Jiten (Encyclopedia of Love) (@ Dogo Yamanote Hotel)

Then, I visited “Old England Dogo Yamanote Hotel (オールドイングランド道後山の手ホテル)”.""

At “Dogo Yamanote Hotel”, “Ren-ai Jiten (Encyclopedia of Love)” was exhibited.Dogo Art Yamanote Hotel1

You may be surprised to know that the designer was 85 years old.Dogo Art Yamanote Hotel2

Dogo Art Yamanote Hotel3

Dogo Art Yamanote Hotel4

Dogo Art Yamanote Hotel5

Heyabon Botchan (@ Dogo-Kan)

After I left “Old England Dogo Yamanote Hotel”, I visited “Dogo-Kan (道後館)”.""

“Heyabon Botchan” was displayed as an art room here.

Let’s go into the room.""

Actually, this was one of the art works I would like to watch in “Dogo ONSENART 2018”.Dogo Art Dogo-Kan1



Dogo Art Dogo-Kan2



The admission fee was 1,500 JPY, which was slightly higher than other art work rooms, but it contained several privileges. For example, visitors were given a free paper.""

Visitors were also given a voucher to have a cup of coffee with snack at the hotel lounge.""

Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum

Lastly, I will go around “Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum (道後ぎやまんガラス美術館)”.Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum1

Basically, “Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum” was unrelated to “Dogo ONSENART”, but when I bought a ticket at “Dogo Yamanote Hotel” (see above), it also included an admission to “Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum”.

Here are some photos of “Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum”.Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum2




Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum3


Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum4


Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum5


Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum6


Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum7

Then, I will walk around “Dogo Arcade”.


That’s it for the article about Dogo ONSENART 2018 as part of Day 3 of my Ehime Matsuyama trip.

As I mentioned in the article, “Dogo ONSENART 2018” was the fourth art event at Dogo Onsen following “Dogo ONSENART 2014”,  “Dogo Art 2015” and “Dogo Art 2016”. “Dogo ONSENART 2018” will been held for 18 months until February 2019. If you have a chance to visit Ehime Matsuyama by next February, I would recommend you stop by Dogo Onsen 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Dogo Arcade as part of Day 3.


1 Yamatoya-Honten
2 Old England Dogo Yamanote Hotel
3 Dogo-Kan
4 Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum

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