Ehime Matsuyama Trip Part 11 (Final): Mican Snaps at Dogo Shopping Arcade and Matsuyama Airport

みきゃん アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture for three days and two nights in late April. This was my sixth trip to Ehime Matsuyama and I was able to enjoy the trip as my first travel since I changed my camera and lens. In this article, I will write about Mican snaps at Dogo Shopping Arcade and Matsuyama Airport as part of Day 3.

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This is the final article of my Ehime Matsuyama trip series. At first, I planed to complete this series in the previous article, but I found there were a variety of Mican goods in Dogo Shopping Arcade, so I will write about it separately.

Mican Snaps at Dogo Shopping Arcade

Mican was created in 2011 to enhance the image of Ehime Prefecture. I first knew Mican in 2013 when I traveled to Ehime Prefecture for the first time. Since then, growing number of Mican goods have been produced.

Here are some photos of Mican goods which I saw at Dogo Shopping Arcade.

To begin with, T-shirts of Mican and Dark Mican.""


Mican T-shirts

A big stuffed Mican.stuffed Mican1

stuffed Mican2

Mican ramen.Mican ramen

Mican liquor.Mican liquor

Mican rice cake.Mican rice cake

Mican milk.""


Mican capsule toy.Mican capsule toy1

Mican capsule toy2

Mican headgear.""

Mican fortune-telling paper.Mican fortune-telling paper1

Mican fortune-telling paper2

みきゃん 暖簾

みきゃん 一六タルト1

みきゃん 一六タルト2

Mican Snaps at Matsuyama Airport

I moved to Matsuyama Airport to return to Tokyo. I will take photos including Mican.

First, “Orange BAR”, which was opened in July 2017.Matsuyama Airport Mikan Juice1

Matsuyama Airport Mikan Juice2

Mikan Juice Tower.松山空港 みかんジュースタワー

Panel that enables visitors to take photos with Mican and Dark Mican.Matsuyama Airport Mican1

I found “IYOTETSU shop” on the second floor has been renewed.松山空港 いよてつショップ

“Mican World”, a new area, was added.松山空港 いよてつショップ みきゃん1

There are a variety of Mican goods here.Matsuyama Airport Mican2

I visited “CHEF’S KITCHEN” to have dinner before departure.松山空港 CHEF'S KITCHEN

I ordered Ehime local cuisine.松山空港 CHEF'S KITCHEN えひめまるごと膳

There were several Mican pictures in the restaurant.松山空港 CHEF'S KITCHEN みきゃん1

松山空港 CHEF'S KITCHEN みきゃん2

Matsuyama Airport Mican3

Then, I flew back to Tokyo and my Ehime Matsuyama trip was over.


That’s it for the article about Mican snaps at Dogo Shopping Arcade and Matsuyama Airport as part of Day 3 of my Ehime Matsuyama trip.

To recap the trip, as the final article of Ehime Matsuyama trip series, I believe Ehime Matsuyama is an ideal destinations for both first-time travelers and repeaters. Major tourist spots such as Dogo Onsen Hot springs and Matsuyama Castle are located in the center of Matsuyama city, which are easily accessible for travelers. In addition, just like Mitsuhama, Baishinji and Takahama which I visited this time, there are spots that are not listed in the guidebook, but that are attractive. So, whenever I visit Ehime Matsuyama, I find something new 🙂

Now my Ehime Matsuyama trip series with 11 articles was completed. Thank you for reading my blog.

Regarding my next trip, I have already arranged it. I am going to Singapore for the first time in two years from June 23 to 27. My blog will not be updated for the time being, but once I return from Singapore, I will start the next series, so stay tuned 🙂


1 Dogo Shopping Arcade
2 Matsuyama Airport

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[Extra Photos]

About one month later afer I returned from Ehime Matsuyama trip. a Yuru-chara event was held at Tokyo skytree. I watched Mican and Dark Mican’s stage show.

Mican & Dark Mican1

みきゃん ダークみきゃん1

みきゃん ダークみきゃん2

Mican & Dark Mican2

Mican & Dark Mican3

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