Ehime Matsuyama Trip Part 5: Ehime Prefectural Government Tour

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I traveled to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture for three days and two nights in late April. This was my sixth trip to Ehime Matsuyama and I was able to enjoy the trip as my first travel since I changed my camera and lens. In this article, I will write about Ehime Prefectural Government tour as part of Day 2.

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Walking around Shiroyama Park

The second day of Ehime Matsuyama travel started. I was going to Ehime Prefectural Government in the morning and had some free time before that, so I went around Shiroyama Park. which was near Ehime Prefectural Government.松山 お堀1

Entrance of Shiroyama Park.松山 城山公園1

The scenery brought back memories to me.松山 城山公園2

When I visited “Yuru-chara Grand Prix” in 2016, it was held here, Shiroyama Park.

“Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 1st day part 1”Yuru-chara Grand Prix1

“Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 1st day part 2”Yuru-chara Grand Prix2

“Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 2nd day part 1”Yuru-chara Grand Prix3

“Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 2nd day part 2″Yuru-chara Grand Prix4

In the Park, there was “The Museum of Art, Ehime”.愛媛県美術館1


I moved to Ehime Prefectural Government along moats.松山 お堀2


You can see Matsuyama Castle over there.松山 お堀3

松山 城山公園3

The building of Ehime Prefectural Government came into sight.""

Ehime Prefectural Government Tour

Ehime Prefectural Government Building and Mican Car

I arrived at Ehime Prefectural Government.Ehime Prefectural Government1

Panel of Mican and Dark Mican welcomed me.Mican Panel

There was a Mican car in front of the building.Mican car1

Mican car2

Mican car3

I went to the lobby.""

I met two staff of Ehime Prefectural Government and they took me to go around Ehime Prefectural Government.""

Mican Vice Governor’s Office

After I observed around the lobby, I visited “Mican Vice Governor’s Office”.""

Mican has been appointed as a Vice Governor of Ehime prefecture since last year and “Mican Vice Governor’s Office” was opened in January 2018.

Let’s go into the office.""

Mican and Dark Mican greeted me.""


Vice governor’s desk.Mican office1

Mican office2

There were other yuru-charas on the desk.""

I got Mican’s business card.""

Prefectural Assembly etc.

I will continue to go around Ehime Prefectural Government.

VIP room.""

Governor’s conference room.""

Main hall.""

There was a dome meeting room on the top floor, but unfortunately I was not abe to observe it as it was used for a meeting.""

I moved from the main building to the Prefectural Assembly.愛媛県庁2

Here I was at Prefectural Assembly.""

Mican Center

I also visited “Mican Center” in Ehime Prefectural Government. This was my second visit.

“Mican Center, a lovely spot for Mican fans”

Here are some snaps of Mican Center.Mican center1


Mican center2



Mican center3



Mican center4

Then, I left Ehime Prefectural Government and moved to the next destination, Dogo Onsen hot spring.


That’s it for the article about Ehime Prefectural Government tour as part of Day 2 of my Ehime Matsuyama trip.

Mican was created as an image-up character of Ehime Prefecture. I hope you have an interest in Mican through my blog 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Dogo Onsen Honkan as part of Day 2.


1 Shiroyama Park
2 Ehime Prefectural Government

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