New York Short trip Part 3: Times Square at night

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I went on a business trip to the U.S. and took this opportunity to made a short-trip to New York. Although the trip was just one-and-a-half-day, I enjoyed New York very much. In this article, I will write about Times Square as part of Day 1.

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* Day 1 (1) The New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal
* Day 1 (2) Rockefeller Center, Musical “Les Misérables” 
* Day 1 (3) Times Square [This article]
* Day 2 (1) Brooklyn Bridge
* Day 2 (2) Dumbo (Brooklyn)
* Day 2 (3) World Trade Center (WTC)
* Day 2 (4) High Line
* Day 2 (5) Chelsea, Fifth Avenue
* Day 2 (6) Times Square, Musical “PARAMOUR”

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After watching “Les Misérables” about which I wrote in the previous article, I will walk around Times Square at night.

To begin with, a billboard of “The Lion King” on the 45th street.Broadway musical Lion King

I have watched “The Lion King” twice, at New York and Singapore.

Other billboards on the 45th street.""


“Aladdin”, which I have never watched.Broadway musical Aladdin

There was also a UFC’s billboard.""

Now I reached an intersection at 7th Avenue and Broadway, which was the main street of Times Square.""

As you can see, there were so many tourists there.""

A statue of George M. Cohan, who was called the father of broadway musical.New York Times Square statue of George M. Cohan

There was another statue of Francis P. Duffy, who used to governed the area.New York Times Square statue of Francis P. Duffy

From the Ruby-Red Stairs at TKTS, you can get a birds-eye view of  Times Square.""

New York Times Square1


Now, I took photos of Times Square from the center point.New York Times Square2



With yellow cab.New York Times Square3

This scenery was just like New York, wasn’t it?""

Now I walked around the theater district where there were many playhouses for broadway shows.

Around “One Shubert Alley”, which sold goods related to broadway musical.New York Times Square theater district1

New York Times Square theater district2

New York Times Square theater district3

At Majestic Theatre where “The Phantom of the Opera” has been performed.Broadway musical Phantom of the Opera Majestic Theatre1

Broadway musical Phantom of the Opera Majestic Theatre2

“The Phantom of the Opera” was the first musical I watched and I love it:)

I also saw police men who rode on horses at the theater district.""



Now I came back the main street.""

I found a signboard of SONY.""

Around 42nd street.""


New York Times Square4

Then, I went back to the hotel and finished my first day in New York.


That’s it for the article about Times Square at night as part of Day 1. If I am asked “Which spot do you imagine first about New York”, I will definitely say “Times Square”. Whenever I visit Times Square, it is always exciting and attractive.

In the next article, I will write about Brooklyn Bridge as part of Day 2.


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