South Korea Seoul Trip Part 1: Fly to Gimpo Airport with Asiana Airlines

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I traveled to Seoul, South Korea, in early September. Although I was not blessed with weather at all, I enjoyed the trip as the food was delicious and people were kind. In this article, I will write about the flight to Gimpo Airport with Asiana Airlines as part of Day 1. I had an impression that Asiana Airlines provided good service as a flagship career in Korea, so I was satisfied with the airline overall.

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It has been a while since I posted the previous article about my Shanghai trip, and I will start a new series. I visited Seoul, South Korea, in early September.

I have never been to South Korea before, so I decided to visit Seoul, the capital of the country. Just after I arranged the trip, the Japan-South Korean relationship has been getting worse, so I was a little bit worried about it.

Concerns over Weather

In addition, I was concerned about the weather in Seoul. When I checked with the weather report a few days before my departure, I was embarrassed to hear a typhoon would hit Seoul during my trip.

Actually, the weather forecast predicted it would continue to rain almost during my visit, so along with worsening the Japan-South Korean relationship, I had a thought “I may have chosen a bad timing to visit Seoul”.

Haneda Airport International Terminal

Anyway, I started the trip at Haneda Airport International Terminal.Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal1

Regarding flights between Tokyo and Seoul, both Japanese and Korean flagship careers and LCCs are operating, so there are a lot of options. Among them, I chose Asiana Airlines, as it belongs to Star Alliance – I accumulate millage of All Nippon Airways (ANA) and ANA also belongs to Star Alliance.Haneda Airport Asiana Airlines1

As I completed the online check-in in advance, I checked my luggage at the designated counter.""

There was the counter of Singapore Airlines next to the Asiana Airlines’ counter.Haneda Airport SIngapore Airlines

I visited Singapore in August 2016 with Singapore Airlines from Haneda Airport and I recall I used a business class at that time.

“Flying to Singapore with Singapore Airlines’ business class”

I passed through passport control and came to the restricted area.Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal2

As I had a Star Alliance Gold membership (ANA Super Flyers Card membership), I stopped by one of the ANA lounges.""

In the lounge.Haneda Airport ANA Lounge1

Visitors can enjoy airplane scenery over the window.Haneda Airport ANA Lounge2

I had a quick bite, considering in-flight meal.""

Just FYI: I recently found there were two ANA lounges at Haneda Airport International Terminal (the image blow is from ANA’s website).Haneda Airport ANA Lounge3

When I traveled to Shanghai in last May (see the related article), I used a lounge on the right. This time, I used one on the left. Personally, I recommend the lounge on the left – there were less people, so you can relax easily, and visitors can enjoy airplane scenery over the window. Of course, it depends on where your departure gate is, but Haneda Airport International Terminal is not so large, so even if your departure gate is located opposite from the left lounge, you don’t have to walk so long.

Now, I will move to the departure gate.Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal3

Fly to Gimpo International Airport with Asiana Airlines (OZ1055)

I arrived at the departure gate. My flight was Asiana Airlines Flight 1055 (OZ1055) bound for Gimpo International Airport.""

Just like Haneda Airport and Narita Airport in Tokyo, there were two international airports in Seoul – Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport. I would like to see both airports, so I decided to move from Haneda to Gimpo, and return from Incheon to Narita. FYI: this decision caused a tragedy when I returned home (for more information, please see the last article of the Seoul series).

This is the aircraft (A330), which I will use.Haneda Airport Asiana Airlines2

The plane took off on time. As I didn’t expect good weather in Seoul, this was the only picture with the background of blue sky.Asiana Airlines window view

These were books about Korean history and I read them during my trip.""

In-flight meal. As I used an economy class, the meal was so-so.Asiana Airlines In-flight meal

It took about two and a half hours and I arrived at Gimpo International Airport.Asiana Airlines Gimpo International Airport

The rain was lighter than I expected, which relieved me a little.Asiana Airlines aircraft

However, it seemed the rain might become harder.""

Gimpo International Airport

After passing through immigration and customs, I came to the arrival lobby.Gimpo International Airport1

As it was raining outside, I went around Gimpo International Airport.Gimpo International Airport2

To begin with, I bought “T-money”, a rechargeable contactless smart card, at a convenience store.Korea Seoul T-money

A lot of people went in and out at a corner and I found “Aviation Job Fair 2019” was held there.""

I just stopped by the fair.

I am not familiar with recruiting process in Korea, but I found a variety of people from business suits to jeans gathered.""

Some people wore a uniform, so perhaps they may have already received job offers.""

In particular, major airline companies such as Korean Air and Asiana Airlines received much attention and there were many candidates who had good figures like fashion models.Korean Air

Move to Seoul City with Transportation Service by KKday

Now I will move to the central area of Seoul city.

There were several options to move from the airport to the central area, including subway and bus. I had a coupon ticket of “KKday“, a Taiwan-based optional tour sales site, and used its transportation service.

I met a driver at the lobby and this was the car which I will take.""

In the car.""

When I moved to the central area of Seoul, the rain became stronger, so it was very helpful to take directly me to the hotel where I will be staying.

Sejong Hotel

Here is the hotel, “Sejong Hotel”, where I will be staying in this trip.Seoul Sejong Hotel1

“Sejong Hotel” is an old established hotel located in Myeong-dong, the largest entertainment district in Seoul. I chose this hotel considering its location and reasonable rate.

Hotel lobby.Seoul Sejong Hotel2

Here is my room.Seoul Sejong Hotel3

Then, I will walk around Myeong-dong, though it was heavily raining outside.


That’s it for the article about the flight to Gimpo Airport with Asiana Airlines as part of Day 1.

To give my impression of Asiana Airlines, I was satisfied with the airline overall. As I used an economy class, I didn’t have so opportunities to receive its service, but I had an impression that Asiana Airlines provided good service as a flagship career in Korea along with Korean Air 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Myeong-dong as part of Day 1.


1. Gimpo International Airport
2. Sejong Hotel

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