South Korea Seoul Trip Part 11: Seoul Station & Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)

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I traveled to Seoul, South Korea, in early September. Although I was not blessed with weather at all, I enjoyed the trip as the food was delicious and people were kind. In this article, I will write about evening scene at Seoul Station as part of Day 3. I needed to change my itinerary due to the typhoon, but I realized it’s all for the best.

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Seoul Station

Following the previous post, I will continue to go around Seoul station.

I will return to the platform of Korail (Korea Railroad Corporation) again.Seoul station1

Here is “KTX-Sancheon”, I referred to in the previous article.KTX-Sancheon1

This round design came from masu salmon.KTX-Sancheon2

Another shot from the opposite direction.KTX-Sancheon3

This red train is “ITX-Saemaul”.ITX-Saemaul1

“ITX-Saemaul” has been operating since 2014 as the successor of the express train “Saemaul” that had been operating for nearly a half century.ITX-Saemaul2

Personally, I like “ITX-Saemaul” the best among a variety of Korail trains.ITX-Saemaul3

This is “Mugunghwa-ho”.Mugunghwa-ho1

“Mugunghwa-ho” is a long-distance slow train and stops at almost every stations.Mugunghwa-ho2

I hit on an idea that I will ride on the train for a second, but I determined not to do it for fear the train leaves the station 🙂""

The train was led by an electric locomotive.Mugunghwa-ho3

I took a photo of KTX that was approaching to the station.Korea KTX1

Another shot.Korea KTX2

“Mugunghwa-ho” and “ITX-Saemaul”.Mugunghwa-ho ITX-Saemaul

A connecting part of “Mugunghwa-ho”.Mugunghwa-ho4

Now I will leave the platform.Seoul station2

The final photo was taken at the commercial area.Seoul station3

Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)

I went out of Seoul station.""

There were less people due to the typhoon.""

However, it stopped raining.Seoul station4

This red brick building is the former Seoul station.Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)1

The building was used as Seoul station from 1925 to 2004. Then, it was reopened as “Culture Station Seoul 284” in 2011.""

Visitors are able to watch inside during the day, but now it was closed.Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)2

Also, there was a walkway called “Seoullo 7017” and visitors were able to enjoy its light-ups, but unfortunately the walkway was closed due to the typhoon.

Today, the typhoon caused me to change my itinerary including a sudden closing of “Gyeongbokgung Palace” (see the related article). Anyway, the third day of South Korea Seoul trip was over.Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)3


That’s it for the article about evening scene at Seoul Station as part of Day 3.

At first, I planed to mainly take evening photos of “Seoullo 7017”, but I couldn’t do that due to the typhoon. However, a variety of trains arrived at and departed from Seoul station and I enjoyed train photos. So, I think it’s all for the best 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Coex Aquarium and Starfield Library as part of Day 4.


1 Seoul Station
2 Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)

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