South Korea Seoul Trip Part 12: Coex Aquarium & Starfield Library

COEXアクアリウム・ピョルマダン図書館 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Seoul, South Korea, in early September. Although I was not blessed with weather at all, I enjoyed the trip as the food was delicious and people were kind. In this article, I will write about Coex Aquarium and Starfield Library as part of Day 4. Both Coex Aquarium and Starfield Library in Starfield COEX Mall were photogenic.

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Breakfast at Hyang-Wonjug (香苑)

It was the fourth day of my South Korea Seoul trip. As breakfast was not included in my accommodation, I will have breakfast outside.

Fortunately, there were several restaurants that were open in the early morning around the hotel (Sejong Hotel), and I visited “Hyang-Wonjug (香苑)”, which was famous for its rice porridge.Myeong-dong Hyang-Wonjug (香苑)1

In the restaurant.""

I ordered abalone rice porridge, though it was a little bit expensive.Myeong-dong Hyang-Wonjug (香苑)2

Coex Aquarium

Seoul is divided into two areas – Gangbuk District at the north of Han River and Gangnam District at the south of Han River. So far I have visited Gangbuk District and today I will go around Gangnam District.

To begin with, I went to “Starfield COEX Mall”.Starfield COEX Mall1

“Starfield COEX Mall” was originally opened in 2000 as one of the largest shopping malls in Asia and reopened in 2014. The mall contains shops, restaurants, a large library and an aquarium.

First, I visited “Coex Aquarium”.""

“Coex Aquarium” is divided into 14 zones with over 40,000 creatures from over 650 species on display.

Let’s go into the aquarium.""

Carp were swimming actively.""

Goldfish.Starfield COEX Mall Aquarium1

I felt the aquarium had ingenious ways as to how to display marine creatures.Starfield COEX Mall Aquarium2


Tropical water tank.""



Here are some photos where marine creatures are zoomed in on.""



High Jump.Starfield COEX Mall Aquarium3

Tortoise.Starfield COEX Mall Aquarium4


Undersea tunnel.""

Jellyfish.Starfield COEX Mall Aquarium5

The last shot was penguin.""

Lunch at Starfield COEX Mall

I will have lunch at “Starfield COEX Mall”. I found a food court “CJ FOODWORLD”.""

In the food court.""

I ordered a meat dish at a Korean cuisine stall.""

Starfield Library

There was “Starfield Library” in the mall, which was famous as an instagram spot.""

One of the features was that the library had a 13-meter tall bookshelf.""

The library consisted of two floors and I will move to the upper floor.""

I heard the library had about 50,000 books.""

View from the upper floor.""



Starfield COEX Mall Library1

There were several spaces where visitors are able to sit down and relax for reading.""

I’m just wondering how people can touch books that are placed on higher positions.Starfield COEX Mall Library2

Who can grasp these books?""

Anyway, as an instagrammable spot, I like the design of the library 🙂Starfield COEX Mall Library3

Then, I left “Starfield COEX Mall” andStarfield COEX Mall2

I moved to the next destination.Starfield COEX Mall3


That’s it for the article about Coex Aquarium and Starfield Library as part of Day 4.

“Starfield COEX Mall” has a variety of shops and a theater, so you can spend a whole day there, In particular, both Coex Aquarium and Starfield Library, which I visited this time, were photogenic. So if you are interested in them, why don’t you visit them?

In the next article, I will write about Lotte World as part of Day 4.


1 Hyang-Wonjug
2 Starfield COEX Mall

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